OCTOBER 17th-19th 2014 
Northern Rivers, Australia



A weekend celebration and collaboration of creative conscious culture with workshops in permaculture, music, crafts, arts, food, community and live music.
Permafest Vision

Permafest is a collaborative fusion of Permaculture designers, food growers, musicians, healers, artists, cooks, weavers, builders and artisans – sharing skills and inspiration in a spirit of joyous celebration. We offer practical, creative workshops to empower participants with skills that support the reintegration of human culture into the cycles and rhythms of our natural environment. The Permafest Vision is to celebrate life and conscious culture in a spirit of participatory gratitude to the elements of nature and the land which we gather – to leave a positive contribution to the people, the natural environment, as well as the food, fibre and fuel producing capacity of the space that hosts us. Permafest is for you, our family / community / creatives and we look forward to bringing it together for the first time this year at Paradise One.

FRIDAY 17th – SUNDAY 19th OCTOBER 2014





Kids under 12 Free (no food provided).

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  • All workshops
  • 3 day access
  • Organic lunch & dinner
  • No Camping – No Breakfast
  • All workshops
  • 3 day access
  • Organic meals
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OCTOBER 6-19 2014

Northern Rivers, Australia



This Unique Permaculture Design Course (PDC) will be run as an intensive over a two-week period, culminating inPermafest on the final weekend with a plethora of hands-on workshops from Bamboo Construction through to making your own Miso. The PDC has a very practical focus and incorporates a range of rhythm techniques* to assist in the integration of the material contained in the course. We will have the expertise of Master PercussionistGreg Sheehan, Peter Hunt (Composer and Performer in Afro-beat/reggae groups Kooii and Ruby Blue) guiding us in song circles, Benjie Williams (Earthen Rhythms) facilitating Rhythmic Journeys through Transformational Drum Circles, Anaheke Metua the Weva Deva who will facilitate natural fibre weaving processes and Bunya Halaszoffering training and guided flows in Zen Thai Shiatsu bodywork. There will also be facilitation of Oki-do Yoga andChi Gung practices to energise our mornings.

The Course will cover the foundational 72 hour International PDC curriculum with an additional focus uponhands-on activities in the garden and food forest (including subtropical no-dig gardening, Hugelkultur, tree maintenance, composting and more), as well as incorporating field trips to other established Permaculture Education Centres and Natural Forest Ecosystems.

2 x youth scholarships available by application – contact Bunya at the email Address at the bottom of this page

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WHY you should do a PDC…

It is time for all of us to make changes about how we live our lives and to follow a path of the heart. By following our intuition and inpiration we encourage our own acts of heartfelt genius and boldness. This makes us feel alive and vital, gives us a great purpose and harnesses parts of ourselves we may have neglected or didn’t even know we had. We no longer feel overwhelmed by the way the Earth’s resources are managed, but recognise that change is in our hands, yours and mine, the hands of extraordinary people who have made a leap of understanding and are determined to make a difference. We become part of the change by becoming part of the solution.  

Glennie Kindred Earth Wisdon


Adopting permaculture in your garden could be the first step towards limiting your personal consumption and planning your life to become more creative as time goes by.

Graham Bell The Permaculture Garden



  • Practical Applications of the Ethics and Principles of Permaculture
  • Practical Skills and Management Techniques for Food Producing Systems – from Urban Balconies, Domestic Food Gardens and City Farms through to Broadacre Land Management Systems
  • Soil Ecology and Techniques of Organic Soil Management including Composting, Worm Farming, No-Dig Gardening Methods, Hugelkultur and more…..
  • Hands-On Food Growing Skills applicable to all Climatic regions – but with a special focus on Subtropical Crops and Ecological Systems
  • Seed Saving and Plant Propagation Skills
  • Site Analysis through Observation of the Interaction of Natures Elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire
  • Food, Fuel and Fibre Forest Design for Ecologically and Economically Sustainable Yields
  • Design Principles for Integration of Wildlife and Conservation of Biodiversity
  • Integration of Poultry and Grazing Animals into Productive Land Management Systems
  • Practical skills in tree management including planting, pruning and tree maintenance
  • Wholistic Resource Management and Land Use Planning
  • Design and Earthworks for Water Harvesting and Conservation, Integrating Keylines, Swales, Roads and Dams
  • Waste Water Management, Aquaculture and Aquaponics
  • Foundational Design Skills including Sacred Geometry
  • Observation of the Patterns, Rhythms and Cycles in Natural Systems – and how to harmonise with these phenomena in creative, productive human ecologies
  • Redesigning Human Settlements and Economies on a Bioregional Scale for Resilience to Climate Change, Natural Disasters, Peak Oil, Globalisation and Economic Instability
  • Appropriate Technology and Sustainable Housing including Passive Solar Design
  • Collaborative, Creative Group Design and Conflict Resolution Tools. Skills to Empower and Engage Community Participation


The Permafest Team are inspired to deliver quality, empowering experiences and knowledge with a flair for creative fun group interaction. We see the PDC as an amazing opportunity for development of self-awareness and greater confidence in creative expression on many different levels.

We appreciate that students learn most successfully from a range of diverse sensory experiences and pay homage to the Dynamic Group Facilitation Work of Permaculture Pioneer Robin Clayfield. We would also like to acknowledge our training ground of Northey Street City Farm in Brisbane as a long running and ongoing inspiration in the empowerment of people from all walks of life through the practical application of Principles of Permaculture.

In the course we will offer a range of very practical, hands-on learning experiences in the garden – making compost, no-dig garden beds, planting food forests and bush tukka trees, pruning and maintaining established fruit trees, saving seed and more. We consider this vital connection to the elements to be integral to learning and offer practical skills that can be utilised every day in your own garden space.

This PDC has an emphasis on RHYTHM. From the Beating of our Mothers Heart during our time in the Womb right through to our final breath, rhythms guide our every thought and action in this world. In our greater natural environment the subtle, yet predictable and profound variations in the angle and intensity of sunlight that reaches the earth at any given location, defines our seasonal climatic fluctuations.

These seasonal changes act as a pulse, which guides the rhythms of life on our planet throughout time and space affecting daylength, temperature and rainfall, as the changes in moon phases alter the tides of the ocean and all water filled beings that make up the entireity of life on our planet. By consciously connecting with these rhythms through both reason and embodied experience we become attuned to the forces of nature that generate abundance and provide a deep sense of fulfillment in any given moment. By staying connected to these rhythms we reintegrate ourselves into the tapestry of life from which so much of the modern ‘civilised’ world has frayed away from…..

Above and beyond the Foundations of the Internationally Recognised Permaculture Design Certificate Curriculum, this course offers a broad foundation in practical, embodied learning in RHYTHMS. From ecologically attuned gardening practices, through facilitated rhythm and voice circles, to natural fibre weaving, guided bodywork exchanges and body movement classes inspired by Oki Do Yoga and Chi Gung Practices, this course is inspired by Rhythm.

These rhythms support us to absorb valuable knowledge through Integrating Pathways of Connectivity between the Mind and Body. They assist us to engage with our innate, uniquely creative selves and help us to engage the parasympathetic nervous systems to support rest, relaxation and sleep at the end of our course days. It is important to note that these additional rhythm techniques are not an essential component of the Permaculture Design Certificate so it is not necessary for full attendance at these sessions to attain your certificate qualification- but you might find yourself not wanting to miss them!

Over the 14 day period of the course there will also be time to rest! There will be a number of free evenings and an optional day of Local Market Touring and Bush Walking for the explorers and nature enthusiasts with an abundance of energy. There will also be several field trips to well established Permaculture Production Systems in the local area.

The PDC culminates in Permafest - connecting participants with a broad network of Permaculture practitioners from the Bioregion of Northern NSW and South East Queensland. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from a broad range of permaculture practitioners and experience hands-on facilitated guidance from a huge selection of workshops. It is also a great opportunity to celebrate the achievement of attaining the PDC and integrating with the opportunities that this qualification opens up in life.




  • Gardeners with an Interest in Sustainable Food Production and Food Security
  • Professional Designers, Environmental Managers, Engineers and Planners
  • Builders, Landscapers, Earthworkers and all people involved with the Construction Industry
  • Owners, Managers and Developers of Urban and Rural Properties
  • School Teachers, Youth Workers and people involved in Community Development
  • Social and Environmental Activists
  • Farmers, Conservationists, Tree Changers and those involved in any form of Land Management
  • Aid and Development workers and Volunteers
  • Group Facilitators with a desire to Develop and Evolve Creative, Engaging, Earthy Tools for Connection
  • Anyone seeking Inspiration, Insight and Connection!


Driving into Paradise One, there is a feeling of leaving the modern rat race behind. Tropical plantings line the entrance to our property, and once inside, there is no mobile phone reception. Experience the freedom of turning off your phone for a while! (But if you do need to make a call, you can use our office phone free of charge). There are no televisions in Paradise, but we do have WIFI internet available in our restaurant, lounge area, and select cabins.

Paradise One takes a different approach to hospitality. We like to meet and spend time with our guests. Each night we serve banquet-style meals in our restaurant. Guests and staff dine together, sharing food, stories and laughs.

We are in the initial stages of creating a large-scale permaculture project that will supply our guests and staff with healthy produce grown on site, but for now we source as much as possible of our fresh produce from local and/or organic produce. We use local ingredients wherever possible, and place an emphasis on sustainable living. Our aim is to leave as little a trace on our planet as possible, and to provide a model that inspires others to follow.

  • Organic lunches
  • No Camping – No Breakfast
  • All Access Pass to PERMAFEST
  • Organic meals
  • On-Site Shared Dorm
  • All Access Pass to PERMAFEST
  • Private accommodation by arrangement