Bunya Halasz

The Principle Tutor of this PDC will be Bunya Halasz, a life-long gardener and lover of nature. Bunya has lived in intimate connection with gardens and natural bushland throughout his whole life and has grown a particularly deep resonance with the ecology and cycles of the East Coast of Australia. His ancestral roots are Northern and Eastern European and he was raised with a strong foundation in the herbal and culinary arts using the traditional foods of this part of the world. Bunya’s connection with bush tukka and native ecology grew from his passion for forest explorations – and this knowledge has helped to integrate him with the nuances of the cycles of the ancient land of Australia. His work and travels in South East Asia over the past 5 years has imbued Bunya with a passion for the foods of this part of the world and the simple, yet refined cultural practices of the people of SE Asia continue to be a constant source of inspiration to his life and work. This inspiration, fused with his connection to Indigenous and European Australia has shaped the cultural and food practices that Bunya has been developing and evolving over the years – with a particular specialisation in the humid subtropical regions of Australia.

Bunya completed his PDC with Robyn Francis in 1998 and has worked as Permaculture Designer and Agricultural Consultant in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia since this time. He graduated from The Australian National University with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Resource and Environmental Management in 2004, since which time he has worked as a Community Market Gardener, Ecologist and Permaculture Educator – principally through Northey Street City Farm (Brisbane), Mullumbimby Community Gardens and Byron Community College. Bunya has developed a simple, practical approach to the teaching of Permaculture that is founded in the Ancient Wisdom of comprehending nature as a sacred balance of the four elements – Earth, Water, Air and Fire. His work focuses on an appreciation of the myriad of ecological and cultural adaptations in our world as being a response from nature to ensure the balance of these elements to continue to allow life on earth to flourish and create abundance and surplus.

Bunya’s work with ecological and cultural systems has also led him to seek an understanding of the inner workings of nature within the human body. He has studied Oriental medicine and philosophy, with a particular interest in Taoism for over 15 years and has worked as a Shiatsu Practitioner and Oki-Do Yoga instructor and Chi Gung teacher for the past 8 years. These studies and practices have had a profound influence on Bunyas worldview, facilitation style and unique approach to Permaculture design and education. He integrates the wisdom of these traditions into his courses and workshops to support the deep embodiment of knowledge and to support a balanced approach to learning – through harmonisation of Body, Mind and Spirit.