Peter Hunt

Peter is a composer, singer, songwriter and trumpet player who has been active and evolving with the musical communities of Brisbane, Byron and the Sunny Coast for fifteen years. He is best known for fronting and musical direction of the group Kooii. The group is regarded as one of the countries most enthralling groups to experience live and their three albums have received acclaim and loving reception across the globe. Among the numerous festivals they have played are the Byron Bay Blues Festival, Woodford Folk Festival and Splendour in the Grass. Their compositions are a kind of roots music that has been influenced by African, Reggae and Jazz. Peter also writes and performs on guitar bringing through songs that reflect a strong affinity with African and Celtic folk music. With his alternate voice, the trumpet, he streams through the realms of jazz and is often asked to perform and record with artists of widely different worlds. Among those artists have been Tenzin Cheogyl, Yeshe Reiners and Xavier Rudd.

As a workshop facilitator, Peters ideas have come about through his own growth as a musician and singer and has much to do with a desire to return to making music purely for joy, liberation, healing and communication with one another. His own journey with releasing the shackles and training his voice so that he is able to express the melodies he can conceive of comes through in his workshops. What also comes through is his love for the various kinds of music he is drawn to and for the ability of voices in harmony, song and unified rhythm to transform the people who the voices belong to. Peters workshops also reflect his desire to play music that brings meaning to the life he walks everyday and are aimed to support the creation of culture that is relevant to ourselves and our time; ‘culture’ being something that is shared and created in time with each other and our place. At the core of this formation is listening – and to make it meaningful and piece it all together, the necessary thing is love.

Peter Hunt’s Sound to Song circles draw people together to sing and explore voice and vocal harmony in a space of safety, freedom and relaxation. They are for making and taking the medicine of using our voices together intuitively and musically. These journeys are created to support participants to first tune into themselves by sounding – unifying breath, rhythm and body. From this place the tuning is found and formed with the group into song. Peter then presents his own song compositions for the group to explore from this space of inner freedom and connectedness.

These circles are equally welcoming and supportive of the beginner as much as the experienced musician.