Wholistic Miso Making

Together we will explore the ancient teachings of miso making and fermentation. We will be drawing on knowledge from traditional farming in Japan to highlight the importance of our forests to the health of our agricultural land and to human wellbeing. The practical aspect of this session will entail a participatory, hands-on workshop learning how to make miso and to try out different ways to use miso. We will explore how miso can be made using different types of grains and pulses.
In the process, I will highlight the importance of posture, body work and intention.
I will also be demonstrating ways to cultivate beneficial fungi from our forest floor using offerings from our agricultural land (I.e. rice bran and molasses). This reciprocity between cultivated landscape and the native forest allows us to appreciate and acknowledge the interconnectedness of human health and the integrity of the ecosystem as a whole. Collectively, we can demonstrate how food production can be a nurturing process that gives back to our non-human beings, and not just an exploitative practice.
I look forward to meeting you all!